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Mastery Behind Every Curve


Imbued with the spirit of artisanal precision, the Tiles Collection from Lilian von Trapp is a showcase of sustainable luxury. Expertly handcrafted in recycled 950 platinum and 18 Karat yellow gold, each ring boasts a distinctive double-layered construction, blending comfort with the chic appeal of a 4mm band. The collection reflects a mastery of skill with each tile meticulously set, ensuring a finish that is both robust and elegantly refined. The interplay of textures across the surface of the rings underscores the unparalleled attention to detail, making every piece a statement of sophisticated craftsmanship.

Ethics Woven into Elegance


The Tiles Collection is a standard-bearer for eco-conscious elegance, crafted exclusively from recycled precious metals. Lilian von Trapp's unwavering commitment to sustainability is evident, offering pieces with and without the added brilliance of ethically sourced diamonds. The selection of materials echoes a deeper philosophy where luxury is harmonized with responsibility, allowing wearers to indulge in opulence that treads lightly on the earth.

Sculpting Timeless Elegance


With a design that marries functionality with aesthetic finesse, the Tiles Collection stands out for its stackable rings, each thoughtfully engineered to include another ring within, ensuring maximum comfort. The rings, offered in various widths and with the option of diamond embellishment, are designed to be versatile, catering to individual styles and preferences. This collection serves as a testament to Lilian von Trapp's vision of creating jewelry that is not only timelessly elegant but also adaptable to the wearer's unique identity.

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Tile Creoles DiamondsTile Creoles Diamonds
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