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Mastery Behind Every Curve


Crafted with precision and passion. By collaborating with Germany's adept goldsmiths, every minute detail is a testament to an age-old craft married with innovative techniques.

Ethics Woven into Elegance


Harmony of Ethics & Luxury. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that each gemstone tells a story of responsible sourcing, allowing you to adorn jewelry that resonates with our planet's heartbeat.

Sculpting Timeless Elegance


A Symphony of Modern & Timeless. Lilian von Trapp's designs artfully bridge contemporary aesthetics with classic elegance, creating a distinctive jewelry narrative.

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Memoir Bars RingMemoir Bars Ring
Memoir Bars Ring Sale priceFrom $7,634.00 CAD
Petite Memoir RingPetite Memoir Ring
Petite Memoir Ring Sale priceFrom $2,537.00 CAD