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Mastery Behind Every Curve


The Structured Collection is the epitome of precision and passion, capturing Lilian von Trapp's dedication to timeless craftsmanship. By collaborating with Germany's expert goldsmiths, every ring from 2mm to 4mm wide is a testament to an age-old craft enhanced with innovative techniques. The distinctive texture on each piece adds depth and a tactile dimension, reflecting a meticulous attention to detail and a celebration of the goldsmith's art. Each Structured Ring, handcrafted from recycled 18 karat yellow gold, showcases the finesse of German craftsmanship, ensuring every piece is both durable and exquisitely detailed​​.

Ethics Woven into Elegance


The Structured Collection's commitment to sustainability is inherent in its use of recycled 18 karat yellow gold. Each piece is crafted with a consciousness towards ethical luxury, ensuring that the gold used tells a story of responsible sourcing. This commitment allows the wearer to appreciate jewelry that resonates with our planet's heartbeat, marrying the harmony of ethics with the opulence of luxury. The collection represents Lilian von Trapp's dedication to practices that respect the earth, providing an option for those who seek beauty with accountability​​.

Sculpting Timeless Elegance


Lilian von Trapp's Structured Collection is a signature range that bridges contemporary aesthetics with classic elegance. The textured design is a technical marvel, adding a unique visual and tactile quality to each piece. This collection, offering rings in 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm widths, allows for personal expression through jewelry that is both modern and timeless. The rings' structured patterns are a hallmark of the brand, reflecting a commitment to design that stands out for its artistry and sophistication. The collection is a celebration of Lilian von Trapp's creative vision, creating a distinctive narrative in the world of fine jewelry


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