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Our journey

Lilian von Trapp grew up in Berlin and initially studied law at Humboldt University. After completing her degree, she decided against a legal career and instead followed her passion into the fashion industry. She found her true calling when she transformed the jewelry inherited from her mother into her own designs and founded her eponymous label in 2017. Lilian von Trapp's ethical awareness drives her vision of sustainable fine jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted from recycled materials by master goldsmiths in Berlin.

Our Brand

Our designs carry their own unique and distinctive signature. The minimalist approach is reflected in all her designs, and, defined by clear lines, the pieces of jewelry can be freely combined with one another. According to Lilian von Trapp's concept, the jewelry should accompany us throughout our lives and be the expression of a special moment that is preserved for generations. Lilian von Trapp's creations are worn by celebrities such as Emma Watson and Lily James.