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Emma Watson: "loves this German jewelry brand." - Vogue

LVT Medial Token Diamonds in 18 Karat Yellow Gold with 0.34 carat diamonds GVS

The LVT Medial Token Diamond in 18 Karat Yellow Gold, accentuated with a 0.34 total carat GVS vintage Colombian diamonds, epitomises sustainable luxury and German craftsmanship. This token, made from recycled gold, offers a unique blend of environmental consciousness and timeless elegance. The vintage diamond at its heart adds vibrancy and enduring value. Customizable with personal engraving, it allows for a personal touch, making it versatile and meaningful. Designed for compatibility with various chains, it offers diverse styling options. Each token, meticulously handcrafted in Germany, is a testament to artisanal skill and attention to detail. Symbolising ethical luxury, this token is ideal for those valuing sustainable practices and individuality, perfect for enhancing any collection or as a special gift.

- Made with recycled 18 karat yellow gold

- Features a 0.34 carat GVS diamonds

- Personalisable and versatile in style



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Medial Token Diamonds Yellow Gold - lilian-von-trapp
LVT Medial Token Diamonds in 18 Karat Yellow Gold with 0.34 carat diamonds GVS Sale price$3,260.00

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