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Our journey

Pioneering Ethical Fine Jewellery

From Law to Luxury

Local Craft, Global Impact

Tracing the evolution of Lilian von Trapp from its inception to its status as a pioneer in ethical fine jewelry, this journey reflects a relentless commitment to innovation, sustainability, and redefining luxury.

Lilian von Trapp's story starts in Berlin, a city synonymous with creativity and resilience. Her initial academic pursuit in law at Humboldt University instilled a strong sense of ethics and detail, essential elements that later became integral to her brand ethos.

After earning her law degree, Lilian's innate passion for fashion and jewellery beckoned. This pivotal shift from law to design was more than a career change; it was a leap toward fulfilling her true potential and passion.

The transformation of personal, heirloom jewellery pieces into modern designs was the spark that ignited Lilian's vision. These reimagined pieces weren't merely accessories but harbingers of a new era in jewellery design, combining sentimental value with contemporary aesthetics.

The Launch of a Visionary Brand.
In 2017, Lilian von Trapp's eponymous label was born as a brand and a revolution in the jewellery industry. This marked the birth of 'ethical fine jewelry' – a term and concept that Lilian von Trapp invented and popularized, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Every piece of Lilian von Trapp jewellery, handcrafted in Berlin by master goldsmiths, is a symbol of the brand’s unwavering dedication to sustainable luxury. This commitment extends beyond using recycled materials; it's about creating a legacy of conscious consumption, ethical sourcing, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Today, Lilian von Trapp is a beacon of ethical practices in the luxury industry. Its journey from a novel idea to a leading name in sustainable luxury showcases the power of vision, ethics, and innovation in transforming a traditional industry.

LVT's use of exclusively recycled gold sourced from a German refinery exemplifies its dedication to preserving natural resources. The brand's meticulous approach to sourcing and recycling, including using 100% recycled platinum and certified traceable materials, underscores its leadership in sustainable luxury jewellery.


celebrated for its sustainable luxury jewelry, ethical practices, and innovative approach to design